Honey Bees

Locally Sourced and Sustainable

We keep bees for honey, wax, and propolis production, as well as for pollination and preservation purposes. All of our bees are locally sourced and kept naturally without chemical interventions. Though many bee keepers acquire their colonies from bee supply companies located across the country, all of our bees are Alabama bees. Our fist hive was established by catching a local swarm (bees that leave their original hive looking for a new home), and all of our additional hives are the product of rescue & relocation jobs. We believe that this is the most effective way of keeping bees, as we can be sure that each hive set up on our property is made up of local honey bees naturally selected to thrive in Alabama's hot, humid, and parasite-laden environment. We also believe this is the most responsible way of keeping bees, as each colony on our property was either out looking for a new home or in danger of losing their old home. Many of the hives we have relocated were in trees or houses that were about to be cut down or demolished. Other hives were located too close for comfort to people's jobs or homes, and were in danger of being destroyed by concerned citizens. The way we figure it, why would we pay to have non-local bees transported across the country when we can provide a protected home to local bees in need. Not only does this result in healthier hives, it also helps to preserve the genetic profile that has allowed feral honey bees to thrive in our local environment for thousands of years. Though this method of acquiring bees certainly takes more time and energy we believe the reward is well worth the effort, and are passionate about protecting and sustaining our local Alabama bee population.

At this time we are not producing enough honey to sell to the public, but we hope to change that next season! We do sell bees wax and propolis in small amounts, so let us know if you would like some. Just like the rest of our producing-animals, our bees are never treated with chemicals. We use all-natural methods to fight off parasites and keep our hives healthy, so you can be sure that our honey, wax, and propolis are untainted by chemical intervention.

Honey Bee Relocation 

We now offer our Honey Bee Removal Services to the public. We will gladly remove unwanted swarms or hives from your property to keep both you and the bees safe. All removed bees are relocated to our property where they have access to fertile countryside and are protected from harmful chemicals and pests. Though we are more than happy to perform the typical bee removal services that many other beekeepers offer (swarms in trees/bushes/etc., hives in houses/walls/etc.), we specialize in removing bees from trees. The more challenging the better, and height is usually not a problem!

Swarm removal is usually free of charge, though hive removal often carries a small fee (as removing a hive often involves much more time and effort than removing a swarm).

Contact us today if you need bees removed! We will get back to you within 24 hours, though usually MUCH sooner. For the quickest response, text us at (205) 482-1469. If text is not an option for you, please call and leave a voicemail or email us.

Looking for honey?

At this time we are not selling honey to the public, but we hope to soon! Check back with us later this summer for honey. 

For other bee products, such as bees wax and propolis, check our store to find out what is currently available!

Our first hive busy at work

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