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Grateful Akers is a small family farm focused on self-sufficiency and sustainability. We strive to live off the land with as little human intervention as possible and try to help others do the same. Using closed-loop agriculture and free-range husbandry, we do our best to minimize waste while maximizing quality. We grow our food and raise our animals without pesticides, herbicides, or steroids and restrict our limited use of antibiotics and vaccines to non-food producing livestock. All of our animals are given unrestricted access to a variety of pasture so that their daily routine and diet reflect their natural lifestyles as closely as possible. Each animal on our farm is considered a part of the family, and we do all that we can to ensure every one of them lives out a healthy and happy life with us. We wholeheartedly believe that the extra autonomy and attention we give our animals yields better results, and are proud to offer what we consider to be some of the best sheep, honey, and eggs in central Alabama.

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We are the proud owners of a small flock of American Blackbelly Sheep, an uncommon breed developed right here in America that are among the hardiest domesticated ruminants on the planet 



Turkeys have returned to Grateful Akers! Last year we brought 3 Narragansett turkeys home to the farm: Moses, and his 2 ladies Zipporah & Tharbis. Our flock has since grown, and we are excited to offer poults and eggs from this beautiful heritage breed each spring



Our 4 goats are Wynona, Fiona, Theo, and Garth. They are a mix of Pygmy & Nigerian Dwarf. The goats hold a special place in our heart, as Wynona & Fiona were our first farm animals and the inspiration for Grateful Akers



Not only do we raise locally sourced bees for honey and pollination, we also offer honeybee removal services for concerned citizens with unwanted swarms or hives on their property



We sell eggs, chicks, pullets, cockerels, and broilers. Our permanent breeders include Ameraucanas and Crested Cream Legbars, however we offer many other breeds on a rotating basis

Miniature Donkeys


Dozier and Atticus are our ridiculously handsome miniature donkeys. They mow the pasture, keep the other animals in line, and help our Livestock Guardian Dogs chase off intruders, predators, and snakes

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We love sharing what we do with others, so please feel free to set up an appointment to visit the farm. We are located halfway between Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, just 2 miles down the road from Tannehill State Park.

Grateful Akers Farm & Apiary

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